Aprajita Tonk

Aprajita is the voice behind the blog. She works full time on content creation and keeps the blog running.

Her main interests include writing (of course) and travelling. She is also kind of obsessed with social Media, Marketing and analytics. She loves looking at numbers and growth reports.

She is obsessed with Pinterest growth and can talk about it for hours. She loves learning about new trends and tweaking the Pinterest strategy to keep the traffic coming.

She is an engineer and an MBA by education and then decided that the corporate world wasn’t for her. So she quit her job to work on the blog full-time.

Aprajita is the funny one who loves cracking lame jokes. And has a thing for writing about these little anecdotes from their daily life in the relationships section.

You can often find her sipping tea or coconut water. And she is also a great cook and a total foodie who loves experimenting with new dishes.

Nitin Tonk

Nitin works full time for an I.T. company and is also the designated photographer of the team.

Nitin’s main interests are photography, he loves experimenting with different angles, perspectives and of course travelling. He got on social media just because his wife was quite persistent.

He is also an engineer and an MBA and is always looking for new trends in the I.T. landscape.

When not at his job, you can find him playing with their pup, Jojo or working out.

When he is not at work or playing with Jojo, he is often catching up on sleep. True story. He can sleep for hours at a stretch.

He doesn’t write that often but every now and then writes something that surprises Aprajita in the best ways possible.

He is a very outgoing person and loves hanging out with friends or catching up. He also loves trying out every single thing that Aprajita cooks and telling her it tastes “really good”.

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